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Tutorial: How to Convert Nintendo 3DS Videos to YouTube 3D



So, you wanna upload the 3D videos you recorded on your Nintendo 3DS to YouTube in 3D. This tutorial offers a quick and easy way of doing just that, using nothing but free software and a little of your time.
The end result is a 3D video on YouTube that retains all of the original qualities of your 3DS video, including aspect ratio, resolution and overall window image size. Here’s what you do…

1. Download and install ffdshow (free MJPEG video/audio codec; be sure to grab the 32-bit version) and Stereo Movie Maker to your PC.

Note: If you already have a properly enabled MJPEG codec on your PC, then you might not need ffdshow. If you know you have a workable MJPEG codec installed already, skip to step #5.
2. Go to Start > All Programs > ffdshow > VFD Configuration
3. Go to the Decoder tab. Make sure “Codecs” is highlighted in the left hand column. Scroll down on the right hand side and look for “MJPEG” under the Format column. Then under the Decoder column, make sure it says “libavcodec” and not “disabled” (see image below).
VFD configuration
4. Click Apply and click OK. You are now ready to open a Nintendo 3DS movie file in Stereo Movie Maker…
5. Make sure you have the SD card from your Nintendo 3DS inserted into a SD card reader on your PC.
6. Open Stereo Movie Maker. Go to File > Open Stereo Movie > Under “Input Stereo Movie Type” make sure “Side-by-side(100%)” is chosen. Open a movie from the SD card. It should look something like this:

7. You can now edit the depth of the 3D effect to your liking (or leave it as is and skip to step #8) by going to the Adjust tab. From here I usually just choose Auto alignment, which is highly recommend with videos where your main subject is far away for the most part. Auto-alignment brings the images slightly closer together, making it easier to view in 3D, while also making the 3D image pop out a bit more. Next, if it asks you “Do you want to use the previous report files?” then choose No.
8. Go to File > Save Stereo Movie > Name your file whatever you like and click Save. Under Video Compression > Compressor, choose “ffdshow Video Codec” for your compression (or whatever MJPEG codec you have installed) if you want a super small file. Click OK and wait for your file to process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT choose Full Frames, as that will give you a file that is roughly 1GB per minute of video, which is pretty unnecessary.
9. Upload your new video to YouTube and apply the following tags:
yt3d: enable=true, yt3d:aspect=2:1, yt3d:swap=true
That’s it! You’re done and your new 3D video is ready to watch on YouTube.
Here’s a couple of examples of what your final video should look like:

Disclaimer: Anyone who follows this tutorial does so at their own risk and is solely responsible for any changes made to their PC.
Note: If you’re looking instead to convert 3D Movies & YouTube movies to watch on your 3DS, then check out how to do that here: Convert 2D & 3D Movies To Watch On Your Nintendo 3DS


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