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Aperture Science (Portal Homebrew) Demo Now Available on DS


A couple of homebrew programming enthusiasts have released a demo today for their version of Portal on Nintendo DS. In the works for a number of years now, the demo features a short campaign as well a level editor.

From their site:

This game is an adaptation of the portal games for the nintendo DS. It includes most of the mechanics found in the original. The code was written entirely by smealum (http://smealum.net, twitter.com/smealum) and the graphics were all made by Lobo (http://infectuous.com, twitter/infectuous).

This version is the first public release. It is very buggy and incomplete, but it is mostly playable. It includes 14 levels made by smealum, loganino and tenteran. It also features a full-fledged on-board level editor inspired by portal 2′s own perpetual testing initiative.

The game also features a kick-ass though largely incomplete and unpolished menu.

It’s actually quite remarkable and having a go at it myself, I rather enjoyed it. In fact, it’s easily the most impressive homebrew I’ve seen to date for the system. The controls are spot on, the framerate never stutters and it basically feels like a legit Portal game, but in miniature form. Wow.

Download the demo here: http://smealum.net/ASDS/?page_id=4